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These include newspaper articles, magazine articles, book chapters, essays, and blog posts. When in doubt, use quotation marks or consult the MLA Handbook. Use effective Transition words and phrases to give your paper “flow,” to connect your ideas and move from one supporting statement to another. Closing with a final emphatic statement provides closure for… Continue reading Personal Essay

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Teachers should be careful while handling students who do not complete their homework and should try to find the root cause behind it. It’s too much for them to get the right books home, complete the homework and take back the homework next day. It has no amount of effect on elementary school students. It… Continue reading Write An Essay

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They then use some English language codes to piece up such information using connectors and what seems close to human writing. Artificial Essay Writing AIs like Essaybot and EssayTyper can write essays based on some algorithms that help them scan through endless content and generate what seems like an essay. The inventors of AI claim… Continue reading Essay Help